Cayamo 2014 — A Journey Through Song

A couple of years ago, I heard from a friend about this fabulous cruise that featured many folk and Americana groups playing concerts throughout the cruise.  It sounded fabulous, and while it was too late to check it out that year, I would look next year.  That was June of 2012.

Cayamo 2014The Cayamo Cruise is generally set for February, so I figured I would look it up later that year.  But Karen and I booked the Eddie From Ohio fan cruise that November, and when I got back from that one, I checked out Cayamo.  Already sold out. Shoot. Note to self: remember to check out Cayamo next year (2013).

Today I remembered to check out Cayamo.  I called Karen and read the line up to her.  As soon as she heard John Prine and John Fullbright, she said book it.

We’re going to the British Virgin Isles!

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