Cayamo 2014 – Day 3

Dateline Sunday, February 9, 2014

This is our lazy day. Hung around the deck reading until about 4. (There was a lazy nap in there too.)

Dropped into the Spinnaker Lounge to listen to Kat Edmonson do her show. She was really good. Here voice is way different, but fun to listen to.  I don’t know if she would approve or not, but I think her voice is a blend of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone.  She is a tiny woman, but her stature belies her voice.  Quite intriguing, listen for yourself:

photo of lyle lovett in the spinnaker lounge

Lyle Lovett watching Kat Edmonson perform in the Spinnaker lounge

Our next show was in the big ballroom, where we heard Lyle Lovett and his Acoustic Band. They sure are professionals. Lyle is so personable. It’s a joy to see him. He had Kat join him on stage for a song.  This was one of the best shows I have ever seen.  Absolutely thrilling to watch.  He’s band members are true professionals.

Lyle invited Kat Edmonson onto the stage to sing a song with him.

Next we went back to the Spinnaker to see Liz Longley. Couldn’t get a great seat, but she sounds good anywhere. Outstanding songs included:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Unraveled
  • Memphis
  • Camaro

Liz is a new artist for me.  I began listening to her music when I found out she would be on the cruise, and was instantly taken by her writing, vocals and guitar work.  She’s a graduate of the Berkely School of Music and originally hails from Philadelphia.  She currently lives in Nashville, and has been collaborating on songwriting with several musicians.  She’s definitely someone to follow. Check out this video record in Harvard Park:

Liz was followed by David Bromberg. We listened to his set. Well, listened is not really a good description. It was more like pounded into us with heavy base and ear splitting volume. Way to much power for the Spinnaker Lounge. He’s good, but over did it in my opinion, which made it painful to experience.

But it was worth sitting through that set to get excellent seats for another Joe Purdy concert. Sure he plays a bunch of “sad songs” but I love his music and writing just the same. He capped off his show with one of my favorites: “The Pretenders”. It was a perfect end to my evening.

Click the player above to hear an album version of Joe’s song The Pretenders.

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