Cayamo 2014 – Day 5

Dateline Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another day at port. Don’t tell anyone, but we opted to stay on the ship.

  • It was really hot
  • The sun was scorching
  • We don’t like sitting on a beach frying our skin
  • We both had good books to read (and don’t get much time for pleasure reading)
  • There was plenty company on the boat so we knew we weren’t the only fuddy duddies.
  • Most important, it is our vacation, and we can just relax without feeling guilty

I finished my book, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. (I’d give it a 7.)

We watched the Lone Bellow play on the pool deck at 6:30. Their show started out loud and rowdy, but near dark, the deck cleared, the boat pulled away from port, and the mellowed out a bit. Closer to their roots as a trio. It was nice. Unfortunately, we never got to see them in what I thought was their true nature. They went electric for most of their performances.

Here they are as I had hoped to see them:

View of Tortola as the Ship Sets to Sea

View of Tortola as the Ship Sets to Sea

We listened to them as we watched the islands fade away. The ship had to do some funky maneuvers, so it was a little hard to keep oriented to our position amongst the islands, but very beautiful in the night, with the lights of the islands in the distance. Now and then we could spot another cruise ship on the black horizon.

We passed up on John Hiatt’s show in the big theater to witness this, but we’ll have another chance to see it.

Eight-thirty appeared on the clock, and John Fulbright would be performing again in the Spinnaker at 9:30, so we went to get seats towards the back in case it was too loud and we could slip out unnoticed.

This evening’s show was much more charismatic, and while he had his full band, he wasn’t playing to the loud crowd. The room was packed, but he took the opportunity to show how gifted he really is.  John has a broader repertoire of music to draw from even though he is only 30ish. It’s really quite impressive. Many of the other performers on the boat keep playing the same set and telling the same stories over and over.  John is different.

We really liked this evenings show, and I was re-energized by him. Here’s John:

Seth Glier was up next in the Spinnaker. We had heard him step in and song on a song with Liz Longley, so we had an inkling, but wow. He looks so young, but what a talent. He played so hard on his guitar that his finger started bleeding. Not hard as in wild or crazy, just intensity. He’s really gifted, especially on the piano. Quite a writer too.

His crowd was a lot smaller. A lot of people missed out on a classy show! He came right down into the seating to play a song. Seth invites Joe Nerney to sing and play with him on stage. Joe has been blind since infancy, and is a very talented musician. It was inspiring to see him too.  Here is Seth:

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