Cayamo 2014 – Day 6

Dateline Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Got a chance to hear Hey Marceillis on the pool deck. They are really good. But it was windy, and acoustics were not the best. Hope to find them in another venue later. (Check Friday’s post)

Today will be spent on the Spinnaker Lounge.

The offerings start with Lucie Silvas. This tiny young woman has lungs and vocal cords. Amazing. Amazing. AMAZING. Got to find her music and give it air time. Amazing. She’s currently living in Nashville, but her mother is Scottish and her father is a New Zealander. Check her out…

I was feeling a little woozy so I took a nap for a couple hours.

Got up in time to see Kris Kristofferson. He was playing on the pool deck. Just him, his mouth harp and his guitar. Very smooth. But we couldn’t stay for his whole set…Brandi Carlisle was on at six.

Brandi was playing in the StarDust Theater and we had good seats. I expected it to be good, and was not disappointed. She and her band are amazing. I know. I keep using that phrase, but the music is consistently outstanding. She started out with a song from the balcony. Unfortunately it was the one above us and we couldn’t see, but it sounded great. What a touch!

Brandi played a couple from her set list, and did the rest of the show by request. Even a couple they had never played live before. It took a few minutes to get started, but they nailed it. Thoroughly enjoyable. Forever memorable. She and her band are truly seasoned professionals. Yet, they appear to be down to earth and personable.

Here’s Brandi and her band:

Caught Fulbright again, this time on the pool deck. Elegant. What more is there to say. He has everyone eating out of his hands!


After a late dinner, I was passing through to the other end of the boat and heard beautiful sounds coming from the atrium. It was a m/f duet called My Name Is You. I don’t know them at all. But I will look them up. I love Mrs. GOOGLE. He plays guitar, she’s on the keyboard. Nice voice.  Here they are…

Ten o’clock, so I went to see David Bromberg in the Spinnaker Lounge. My main notice of going to see him was to score a good seat for the Elephant Revival concert scheduled for 11:30 pm. I like David’s music when he is not trying to blow the walls out. so I listened to the show from the back of the lounge.

Elephant Revival at 11:30pm Center seats, fifth row. Perfect. I could have been 3 rows closer, but then it would be harder to see everything as they occupied the whole stage. Excitement is building. This is one of the bands that I really wanted to see in the Spinnaker Lounge. I love their music. Their sound check took almost a half hour. 5 vox inputs and 14 instruments. But even that was fun to watch. They did not get started until midnight.

Many of the other bands on the boat took on a different persona on this trip. I think it has to do with a perceived need to keep up with the Jones. The Lone Bellow started it, and others saw the positive reaction they got and didn’t want to be seen as mellow or less entertaining. Whatever it was, it was a spoiler for me for some bands.  But Elephant Revival appeared as themselves. I have watched videos of their live performances, and love them, but to seem them in person was precious. They played a nice mix of newer and old songs. We saw them performing in the Atrium Lounge when we boarded the boat, but it was really noise in there. I really appreciated that they did not play the same set, as they have so much to share.

One of the cool things was the way Bonnie played the saw. it had a haunting sound, and she knows how to conduct the sounds from it. It was Bridgette’s birthday, and the whole audience sang Happy Birthday to her.  The room wasn’t very full. They’re were two other big shows going on at the time. I think ER was a little disappointed in the size of the audience, though there were still about a hundred of us. Our group was the most fortunate on the boat. The other 2900 cruisers missed the best show of the week.

It was glorious. Absolutely wonderful. Best show this week.. Hands down.  Here’s a video of them playing at Threadgills in Austin TX:

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