Cayamo 2015 – Day 2

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Birds of Chicago
Birds of Chicago in the Spinnaker LoungeThe first show of the day: Birds of Chicago, in the Spinnaker Lounge. The place was packed! BOC had a backing band with them: drums, electric guitar and bass. They played a loud bar gig. Very loud. Could not distinguish the artistry of their music. No subtlety, just screaming loud.
I would like to see these guys in a listening room show. Performing like this.

I can tell they are really good.  There will be other opportunities to hear them, and I will try again. 🙁

In the Spinnaker Lounge at 2pm. Crazy amazing! Wow!

He played an absolutely great set. His younger brother Mark played the bass, was respectful of his lyrics, and didn’t try drown him out or blow us out of the room. I’ve seen Noah on SerialBox Presents, in a purely acoustic session that is flat out amazing, and this was great too.  Check out this cool video of him and his sister singing “Cigarettes”.

He sang it, and it sounded just like this in the Spinnaker.  Everyone was riveted.
Nah is from Seattle. His sister Abby sings with him, and lately his brother Mark has started playing in some of the gigs.  Much of this set was acoustic, and he even did a few solos.

Quick Plug for SerialBox Presents  (no sales, heck, they don’t even sell anything). They did a Multi-cam, Multi-track, live, One-Take performance video featuring Noah Gundersen. No pick-ups, over-dubs, or comps. What you see and hear is one time through, mistakes and all.  For the full session with more songs, interview, images, and artwork, visit:

The folks at SerialBox Presents have done sessions for many musicians.  All of them a amazing.  If you love pure, unadulterated, real music, you’ll dig this stuff.  It’s free, no catches, and plays great on a home theater system.

Noah’s show is the high point for me so far.  So glad I caught it.

John Fullbright
This is our second Cayamo trip, and therefore, we get ticketed seating for two bonus shows in the StarDust Theater.  We could choose from several performances, and we chose John’s show as one of our bonuses.  WJoh Fullbright and his Band Cayamo 2015e have been fans of his music for years, saw him several times last year on the Cayamo 2014 trip, and have seen him perform in Texas and at a quilt shop in central Minnesota.

This year, John returned to his roots.  It was absolutely amazing.  I know I say that often in the Cayamo blog posts, but it’s true.  John’s dazzling on the piano, graceful on the guitar frets,  and has a great voice.  But most of all, he is a gifted writer.

Here’s a cut from the2011 Cherokee Creek Music Festival in Texas, filmed in the Music Fog ranch house. That’s Radoslav Lorkovic on the button box.  Jon and his friend Terry “Buffalo” Ware played this one for us in the StarDust.  Perfect.

Here’s a little ear candy for you… John’s rendition of Leonard Cohens’s Hallelujah…

We get to see John several times this week, and will probably write more.  I’ll post more example of his work too.  There are several videos on Facbook of John playing, but the quality does not do him justice.  So, I’ll post better HD quality video of live performances elsewhere.

Sierra Noble
Sierra played on the Great Outdoors stage at the back of the boat. It’s on Deck 12, with the wake of the ship and sunset as a back drop. It was quite nice. I don’t recall seeing her before anywhere, but may have heard her music. She’s from Winnipeg, and the name is familiar. She used to be known as a traditional music fiddle player, and now sings and plays guitar too.  I did not catch her full set, as I had to get some book time in, and another famus John was soon on deck in the StarDust Theater.

John Prine !
Karen has been waiting for this all year.  John had to cancel last year, so we did not get to see him then.  What a treat. He looks great. Healthy. His voice is spot on, and he plays like he’s at the top of his game.  Here’s his set list:
Glory of True Love
Storm Windows
6 O’Clock News
John honored his late friend Steve Goodman aJohn Prine StarDust Theater, Cayamo 2015nd played Souvenirs
Far From Me
Grandpa was a Carpenter
Hello in there
Brandi Carlile joined John to sing In Spite of  Ourselves and Angel from Montgomery
Iron ore betty
Christmas in Prison
Bear Creek Blues
Lake Marie
Paradise (Mullenberg County)

I like JP a ton.  Karen Loves Him! All of her expectations for the week have already been met (spoiler alert — we did not know it at the time, but JP would be doing the special show reserved only for Blind Faith Society members…more on that later).

John performed three main ticketed shows in the StarDust, and each Cayamo guest gets a ticket to one of the shows.  We talked to some friends that saw one of John’s other shows, and they had a different set list.  It goes to show that he’s still on top of his game.

Time for Dinner
It has been a music filled evening, and time passed quickly, and there is more yet to come, so we took a little break to get some dinner at the Garden Cafe (buffet).  The only memorable thing is that it is vast, with a broad selection of salads, appetizers, main dishes and desserts.

Lucinda Williams
I mentioned earlier that we had tickets to two bonus shows, and Lucinda Williams was our second show (what a day huh!).  It’s 1030 pm, we’ve been entertained for hours, now we’re gonna get awaken by Lucinda.  She started out with a couple of solo pieces, and then brought out her full band.  She rocked the house.  The bass was pulsing so hard, if I had any plaque on my arteries, it was ultrasonically blasted right away.  Might be a new medical treatment.  I wonder if there have been studies….  It was a tad loud for my purposes, but I had remembered some ear plugs so my ears did not hurt.

Joe Purdy Unlikely Sit In
It is 12:30 am and we are not done yet.  Another great round of music with Joe Purdy hosting a song swap with Brandi Carlile and Edwin McCain.  These are really neat session in the StarDust Theater.  There were not very many folks there, so we got a seat dead center, just 7 rows back.  Totally acoustic, one performer at a time, with one instrument. Perfect.

I have not hear Edwin before, so it was nice to get to see him in this setting.  He did a great cover of Patty Griffin’s “Mary”.  Joe kidingly (well, maybe not) refers to himself as the “one sad bastard in every music event” and performed Eagle Rock Fire and some other songs off the album by the same name.  The highlight of that session was when Brandi Carlile sat at the piano and sang “That Wasn’t Me”.  I don’t have a good recording from that night, but it was the best version I have ever heard.  Just as nice as this one that she did at Bear Creek.

The only difference is that Tim and Phil were not there with her.

Sounds corny,  but it chokes me up every time I think of her singing this song for us.

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