Cayamo 2015 – Day 3

Monday, January 19, 2015

Started out the day with a nice walk on the deck. The ship captain’s log said the seas were ‘calm’ but it does no account for the mild pitch and roll caused by decent swells.  One has to walk consciously, it is not automatic today.

We spent a little book time early today while listening to the Skyline Motel Band playing on the pool deck.

Joe played another set in the Spinnaker Lounge and I took it in. Chris John Hillman and Luke Bulla played with him. Joe is fun to listen too. He tells good stories, and is so natural.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Joe epitomizes the folk/troubadour tradition, and I really love his music and storytelling.

More book time on the pool deck, listening to this rock band from Ohio.  They are really good, and the sound was great on the pool deck.

These folks play in the Spinnaker Lounge at 7pm.  I was not sure what to expect. I have seem some of their music on YouTube and got some music from noise trade, but only a limited amount. Turns out they are really good. I’m enjoying their concert immensely, as they didn’t try to blow the paint off the walls.

Great stage presence and music.

We signed up for this year’s trip on the boat last year, and all of those who did so were enrolled ‘The Blind Faith Society’  This entitled us to a special show on the boat for members only. An was it ever special!The StarDust Theater was packed, first come, first seated. We got there early, and choose seats 9 rows back dead center.

There were two chairs on stage, a pair of mics, and three guitars. Two of the guitars looked familiar. And then…The little guy stepped our from behind the curtain and we knew we were in for a special treat. Then a young woman stepped out and John Prime introduced her as Kacy Musgrave.

They did an amazing show for us. Just the two of them and their acoustic guitars.  They alternated and sang a few JP songs together.  It was tons of fun.  Made the whole trip worth it.  here’s a little of the show, compliments someone who had a better recorder than me.

I had listened to a few of Kacey’s songs on YouTube before the trip, and I must admit that I thought she was just another disney girl. But this young woman is talented.
Jill did a set in the Atrium lounge.  Her first song was solo acoustic, and I was hopeful, but knew there would be a full band. It was, and they were good.  She did my favorite of her songs.  But is was nothing like I had grown accustomed to listening to online.  In that setting it is difficult to pick out the range of her voice

Amy Speace played in the Spinnaker Lounge at 11:30pm.  She had a small band with her, a violinist and a guitar player.  She did a solo, then ‘the killer in me’  after a couple more, John Fulbright joined her to sing ‘the sea and the shore’.  Very nice, we were hoping that he would join her, so that was a treat.

It was a nice way to end the evening.

John’s family was in the lounge to watch. I would have liked to say hi to his parents, but we left a little early.

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