Cayamo 2015 – Day 5

Wedensday, January 21, 2015

Another day at port. This time St. Croix, the port at Frederikstat. Beautiful island, not much to do for a tourist like me. We were hoping to take an island tour, but all they had were 15 passenger vans. I would have been so uncomfortable and would barely be able to see our the window, so we passed.

We hiked around a bit, wandered out of the main street but quickly chickened out as the area looked pretty depressed.

We found Polly’s at the Pier to get Internet access, paid the minimum bill to get the password, and immediately discovered that the signal was poor, and the speed was worse than poor 300 baud dial-up. I gave up!

The ship was scheduled to leave port at 4pm, so we did not spend a lot of time on shore.  We headed back to enjoy some time on the sun deck reading a book. I finished two so far. 13 1/2 and Personal (Lee Child)

She started things out on the pool deck. Same songs she sang with John Prine . Not much to say. Afterward we took a nice long walk on the promenade deck and then headed to our headliner show…

He’s an icon, and everybody loves him. Most of his show was super loud electric guitar and base and drums. We’re talking eat plug time loud. But he did perform three songs with his ccoustic guitar. That was a real crowd pleaser. I really enjoyed them. Barely tolerated the rest. Sorry Richard.  It was physically painful to my ears.

in the Spinnaker Lounge… We saw part of his show here the first evening, but had to leave early to see Lyle Lovett (believe me, it was hard to leave). So this time I was looking forward to the full gig.

Noah started out with his full band and he let them loose to do an ear piercer.  I think he does it to let them blow off some energy.  After that, it pure beauty.  He played several songs from his newest album, and some traditional folksy songs.  It was really nice.

I did not get a good video of Noah and his band on the boat, but here is a live, in studio performance in Seattle..  Enjoy.

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