Crashed the Wee

I was heading home after work on August 31st, and decided to avoid the busy intersection of Pokegama Ave and Hwy 2.  The left turn lane which I needed to use was full, and I did not want to risk getting rear ended in all of the congestion.  So I proceeded a block further West, to a less buy intersection.

The traffic was backed up, in the oncoming lanes, but the drivers left the intersection open (as they should).  I proceeded to take my left turn, and just as I was half way through, at truck in the right lane started to proceed.  The painted concrete brick pattern surface offered little traction as I braked, and down I went at 20 MPH.  At least I did not hit the truck, and he avoided me.

I was wearing my helmet, gloves and armored jacket, but regular work pants.  I went down hard on my left shoulder, and broke a rib, but had no other road rash or damage on my upper body.  My knee was dragged across the pavement, so it got scrapped up pretty bad.  My left boot blew up too.  Sure wish I had armored pants on my legs.  Next on my list.

Emergency responders were pretty quick to the scene, and were amazed that I was not hurt worse.  Good gear paid off.  Better gear may have paid off even more.

The Wee got scraped up pretty good on the left side, and my left turn signal was broken, as well as my windshield.  Luckily I had a spare windshield, and was able to tape up the turn signal.

I got back on the mule, and rode it home.  A little shook up, but the stiffness did not sink in until later that night.  What really scared me was that I had planned to ride to SD for the labor day weekend.  I hoped I would be in shape for it.

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