The Wee Gets Prepped for Alaska

This weekend, my good friend Dan invited me to his place to do some prep work on my Suzuki V Strom DL650 (a.k.a. “the Wee”) to get ready for my trip to Alaska this summer. He invited other members of the MMMMMNGM group to help out and offer advice to the novice (that being me). Here’s a recap of the weekend’s work (mostly Saturday).

So, it started out with a 60 mile ride West early yesterday morning at 30F, anxious to get started.

On the agenda:
* New DID Chain and JT sprockets -F&R
* New Brakes F&R (this was way easier to dWrenching on the Weeo that I thought it would be)
* Replaced brake fluid both reservoirs (full drain and bleed) We used a vacuum pump to bleed the lines.
* Replaced coolant
* New Spark Plugs — This caused a delay, as I only bought two, and we had to wait until Sunday morning for the Auto Store to open up. Thanks for bailing us out Dave!
* New Tires F&R Mitas E07  (We used Ride-On for balancing… It seemed to work fine on my ride home.)

I haven’t wrenched too much on the Wee before this, and working with a bunch of guy who could teach me was confidence building. I don’t have all of the tools and gear, but I learned enough to be more helpful and productive next time.

We did 7 tires in all this weekend (including mine, two for Dave, two for Rob and one for Dan).

The Wee should be ready now for the trip.

Thanks so much to Dan for hosting, tool use, teaching, patience, everything.
Thanks to Dave and Rob for letting me help with tires. It was my pleasure to get to meet several of the other members of MMMMMNGM.

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