North 2 Alaska Route Defined

I pretty much have the route defined, and reservations made, for our trip to the last frontier.

Day 1 – Home to Wolf Point MT
Day 2  Whitefish MT
Day 3  Golden BC via Lake Louise
Day 4  Prince George BC
Day 5  Stewart BC and Hyder AK via the Cassiar Highway
Day 6  Watson Lake YT
Day 7 Destruction Bay, Lake Kluane YT
Day 8 Fairbanks.
Accommodations the first 4 nights via AirBnB, and then motels the other three.  Prices were not as bad as anticipated, and the USD – CAD exchange rate is quite favorable for us.

I’m not sure what is in the cards for our week in Fairbanks, but I know there will be at least one day of R&R when we first arrive.

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