R3 Arrives

Back in mid-April I got fitted for, and ordered a new Roadcrafter R3 one-piece riding suit from Aerostich (made right in Duluth, just 80 miles from home).  I got a call a couple of days ago that it was ready, but had plans for the weekend, so I had to wait until today to pick it up.

I started my work day early so I could head out for Duluth by 2:00pm, and my companion to Alaska joined me for the quick ride over.  It was nearly 70F when we left and a beautiful day at home.  When we got to Duluth and descended the hill, the temp dropped to 48F.  My ride over was in my mesh jacket, and I must admit it got a little cool.

New Aerostich Roadcrafter R3We picked up the “R3” and double checked the fit.  I suited up for its maiden voyage, and we road back.  It was quite comfortable, and I feel that I am at least visible on the road.  It will take a while to break it in, so it’s still a bit stiff. But it is not clunky or restricting.

The ride home was nicer, and I think it will suit me well (pun intended) on my trip.  It’s waterproof too so I don’t need to haul extra rain gear with me.  I ride ATGATT, so it will be with me for every trip I take, even the little short, local jaunts.

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