Day 2 Wolf Point, MT to Whitefish MT

We awoke at 5:10 AM to another nice sunny day.  Our bicycling friend Chris left the place at about 6 AM, headed the same direction we would be going. We packed up, and rode into town to gas up and get ready for another day of high speed cruising across Montana.  Our route takes us to Whitefish, on the West side of Glacier National Park.

Route map June 27-2017 - Wolf Point to Whitefish


The weather was nice, and would be partly sunny and cool for the morning part of the ride. We booked along at between 65-70 MPH  and passed Chris about 10 miles West of Wolf Point.  We had fairly light traffic, and stopped for gas every 2-3 hours.

Riding across the vast open areas of Montana was pretty uneventful, though I did get to see some antelope.  One darted out from the ditch and run across the road in front of me.   I saw him coming from the fence line, but still had to brake hard.  About 30 minutes later  I saw a herd of about 8 of them in a field, but they were not moving.

The winds really picked up late in the morning, and made the ride tough for me.  We were right under a weather front, and when we’d pull ahead of it for a while, the wind would subside.  But after taking a break, it caught up again.

We stopped at a truck stop in Shelby MT for lunch, fueled up, and headed back on the road.  The landscape is starting show more relief now, and the ride is more fun as we have more interesting scenery and look forward to seeing the front range of the Rockies

The Rockies provide a backdrop for a nice photo of the Wee

Here is a little video of our ride along the south side of Glacier National Park.  It was a beautiful day, and the video does only a little justice.

We arrived in Whitefish MT around 5 PM.  There was a lot of traffic, as this is a busy tourist / resort community.  It looked pretty ‘spendy’.  We headed to our AirBnB site hosted by Rachel, and it took a little to find it, as the map on AirBnB was off just a bit.

We arrived, and our host was not home, but a quick call to her provided instructions on how to get in.  This was a really nice, cozy place and we had the whole upstairs to ourselves, and the use of the kitchen downstairs if we wanted to take advantage of it.

Our AirBnB space in Whitefish, MT.We unloaded our stuff, left the bikes in the driveway, and road the ankle express into town.  We knew of a couple of brew pubs in town, and being brewers ourselves, it would be a shame to pass them up.

Beer Flight at Great Northern BrewingOur first stop was the Great Northern Brewing Company.  We were looking for food as well, and saw a restaurant with the same name across the street.  We thought about stopping there for a burger and a beer, but stubborn me wanted to drink their beer in the brewery.


Chad and Jack at Great Northern BrewingSo we each ordered a flight. I really liked their beers, especially the “Man Bun” Black Doppel lager.   While we were having our beer, I looked up the other brewery in town and found that they closed in about an hour, and learned that they had food there.  So, we finished our beer flights, and hoofed it another eight tenths of a mile to the Bonsai Brewing Project.

Glad we did!  The Bonsai Brewing Project is a special place.  Nestled in a mixed residential area, they have a large corner lot, with a small brewery, an outdoor tasting garden, a food truck and live music.  We sat in the shade, drank a flight of beer, and enjoyed great food and good music.  I wish we had something this nice in our town.

Chad and Jack at Bonsai Brewing Project

On our way home from Bonsai, I wanted to stop back at GNB and have a half pint of the Man Bun.  We did, and checked out the restaurant across the street with a similar name tot he brewery.  Good thing we did not make it our first stop, as they were not affiliated, and did not have all of the beers from the brewery.

When we got back to our suite, we said hi to Rachel, met her little dog “Bruce” and retired to bed.  We have to head out early in the morning to held up to Lake Louise and Golden, BC.

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